Hand Warmers

As the weather begins to turn, and evenings and nights get colder, this pack of 10 pairs of hand warmers could make all the difference to someone spending time on the streets. These packs stay warm for 12 hours, and fit easily into pockets, gloves or even shoes, helping to keep extremities warm.


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Christmas Gifts

The items listed here are those currently requested by Society of St. James for their supported residents. There is no minimum order size, and all items include free delivery directly to SSJ in time for Christmas!

SSJ don’t pay for this shop, and The Hope Revolution uses just £0.50 of the item prices below to cover transaction costs and price fluctuations from suppliers. 100% of the money you spend on donations goes directly on providing those donations.

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More About Society of St. James

SSJ is a Southampton-based homelessness charity, providing a range of supported living services in Southampton, Portsmouth and across Hampshire. They provide a wide range of support to people from all walks of life experiencing homelessness, problematic alcohol or substance use and mental health problems.

Early Years

In 1972, the Society of St James was a group of volunteers from a collection of churches who opened up a church hall to accommodate 11 homeless men. Many of the men they worked with in those early days were struggling with heavy drinking and the team realised very quickly that offering shelter was just the first step in helping people get back on their feet.


Although the organisation and the services Society of St. James provides has changed in the last 45 years, their ethos remains the same. They are still responsive to the ever-changing challenges facing
vulnerable people; they still believe that people can change their lives for the better with the
right help, and we still believe that everyone deserves not just a second or third chance, but as
many as it takes to enable them to change their lives for the better.

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Donating in kind is obviously just one way you can support Society of St. James. We recommend you check out the resources below to see how else you can help!

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Together, we can make Christmas Mean Something Different in 2020!

We simply wanted to know what words people affected by homelessness would use to describe Christmas. Those words included Lonely, Hate, Sadness, Stressful and even Bah-Humbug. As well as single words, one person told us they had "No happy memories" and one person said they want "love and joy".

Some did tell us that they enjoy Christmas and are looking forward to their first one with SSJ - and we want to make sure they have one to remember. Here you can browse, and purchase, the items that SSJ have requested for the people they help. Presents to help their friends have a Christmas filled with good memories, smiles and laughter. The Hope Revolution will make sure your donation is delivered directly to Society of St. James, well in time for Christmas!



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