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The Hope Revolution gets April shower of donations!

Hey there! John James here, founder of The Hope Revolution.

I hope everyone reading this is keeping safe, isn't finding COVID-19 lockdown too difficult!

Thanks to the kind donations from you, the members of the public, April 2020 has been our busiest month in the 6 months of operating. We are humbled by your generosity, especially during such uncertain times! A fantastic total of 202 items were donated over April, with the items sent directly from our suppliers to the charities in Manchester and Sheffield including Cathedral Archer Project, Big Issue North, Reach Out To The Community and many more! You can browse the Manchester homeless charities we partner with here. Details of each of the charities supported in each city can always be found at the top of the item donation shop too.

When we first launched, one of the facts that we tweeted out was that socks are one of the most needed, but least donated item to homeless charities. How fitting that in April, 72 pairs of socks have been purchased and sent to charities! That's 72 pairs of feet that are warmer, dryer and better looked after thanks to your generosity. A pack of 12 pairs of socks for a homeless charity can be purchased in any one of our supported cities by following the relevant link below.

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Southampton & Portsmouth

With emergency lockdown accommodation in place at the moment, homeless charities are in particular need of donations of toiletries and personal items. Animal charities are still taking in and caring for animals and still appreciate donations of food, bedding and toys. Charities supporting the older generation have spoken to us about the desperate need for activities for their supported people to help ward of loneliness during isolation. Below you can see a handful of donations sent out in the last month. If you would like to help out a charity in your local area, please visit and pick your city and cause to view the online store. Purchase a donation from the list of requested and much needed items and we'll get your item sent out from one of our trusted suppliers, direct to the charity and the patrons that need it most. We know that each of the organisations that receive your donations through Hope Revolution massively appreciate anything you can spare!

Your generosity this month has blown us away, and your donated items will be out now directly helping to change peoples' lives! Your donated #TeaForThanks tea bags will be warming patrons and volunteers alike, your donated toiletries will be helping give someone a touch of "normality".

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This month we partnered with The Cathedral Archer Project homeless charity in Sheffield, after hearing about the amazing work they do from the team at Big Issue North. We did what we always do and liased with the charity to find out what items they needed donating. We then checked that our suppliers could provide the items and listed them with our free delivery. To our astonishment, within 1 hour, we had sold one of each of the items Archer Project needed. What a fabulous surprise!

On the back of this, we were invited to talk on BBC Radio Sheffield with Howie Pressman about what we do. Keep an eye out for our blog post with a copy of the interview!

It has certainly been a strange time for everyone. We for one never expected that we would expand so quickly from being in 1 city to being in 10 cities. With everyone social distancing and remaining at home, however, we could see that the need to be able to give charitable item donation remotely was not just needed, but was crucial to charities to carry on operating.

Thank you for being part of our Hope Revolution - Here's to helping even more charities across the country this May!

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The Hope Revolution CIC is a non-profit social enterprise that provides charities across the UK with their own, free, item donation platform. Members of the public can purchase these items, knowing 100% of their money goes on providing those exact items to the charities! 

You can make a real difference with your money with just a few clicks!

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