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Spotlight Interview: Society of St. James

Our second spotlight interview for #SmallCharityWeek is with Myles Lewis at Society of St. James.

Society of St. James provide a whole range of services for people experiencing homelessness, problematic alcohol or substance use and mental health problems. From specialised supported accommodations, such as Jordan House, to social enterprise projects and sports therapy. The Hope Revolution is happy to be able to help members of the public support the fantastic work of Society of St. James through their online shop here.

We spoke with Myles Lewis, Project Manager at Jordan House, to find out more about what they do.

Name: Myles Lewis

Job Title: Project Manager (Jordan House Intensive Support Service)

Charity: The Society of St James

City: Southampton

How did you start working for The Society of St James?

I started working back in 2012.  The Society of St James won the contract to deliver the Intensive Support Service and I moved with the contract.

How has lockdown / Covid19 affected your day to day work?

Life is extremely busy as it normally is however hand-washing has become much more important! 

How are you finding the lockdown has changed your day to day operations?

We have had to scale down staff teams in the house, staggering staff members time in the office to ensure social distancing. We have had close our resources room where our residents would normally socialise, use the computers, watch tv etc which as been hard and put special measures in around the office.

How are the vulnerable you support coping with the current lockdown? 

The people we work with have very recent histories of homelessness and their lives are still very chaotic, it has been extremely challenging for them.  Routine is important and routines have obviously had to change as a result of lockdown. 

How have the items you have received via Hope Revolution gone on to help people you support? 

They are great for our service users, particularly those items that waylay the boredom and monotony.

What are the best ways people can help you during this time? 

Again anything that can promote socially distanced activities like art materials, meditation equipment anything like that.

You can purchase much needed items for Society of St. James through our online store, including colouring books and watercolour paints:

Would you like to give an honourable mention to one person who’s work deserves to be praised?

Our whole staff team at Jordan House and across The Society of St James are doing a fantastic job.

What is your top tip for dealing with boredom during lockdown?

"Make your world small, think about what you can do and not about what you can't!"

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