• John James

Rough sleepers to be put up in hotels

Updated: Mar 29

Manchester city council has taken steps to be able to provide safe spaces for the homeless during this tough time. This includes taking over hotels and other buildings, stocking them with hand sanitiser.

It's great to see the council taking the necessary steps to protect those without a home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps it does raise the question however, as to why it takes such extreme circumstances to put a roof over someone's head? And what will happen to these vulnerable people after the pandemic is over?

In the meantime, Manchester homeless charities are still working flat out to provide essential care to those without a home, putting their own health at risk. You can help out these charities by providing them with much needed physical donations, without leaving your home, through our online shop here. We're working hard to ensure that your donations get out quickly and efficiently, arriving at charities when someone is there to take them in and get them distributed to those in need.

You can view the original article from Manchester Evening News here.

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