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Ralph the Sanctuary Boy

"When Ralph first arrived at Linbee Dog Rehoming, he was a stunning boy but there were serious concerns about his sight and hearing. He seemed to snatch at things and not listen at all.

With assessment, it was clear that he could see and hear fine but was a very frustrated boy who was hyper alert and hyperactive. It also became clear that he might only catch a handler's hand if they were holding a ball or something else he wanted. The positive was we had a physically healthy dog who in no way wanted to hurt people, so we could start working on his mental state.

Ralph was signed over by his owner after a relationship breakdown which had left the remaining owner unable to walk him. He'd not been walked for a considerable time when he reached kennels, so it's no wonder the poor lad was totally overwhelmed. We began by working on simple boundaries to stop him jumping up and snatching. Slowly but surely as our relationship developed, he understood that good things come to those that wait. We also saw a reduction in some of his obsessive behaviours, such as barking, jumping and circling - all showing we were on the right lines.

Once Ralph was able to contain himself a little more around his toys, we began to use other exercises to develop impulse control and help him relax more. He loved his obedience and controlled fetch work as he seemed to enjoy both the mental challenge and the rewards. We used sit, down, wait, and more to focus his energy in a positive way and we're soon able to give him toys and treats safely. Then after each session we were able to begin simply sitting in with him as he relaxed. At first he would always choose to lie down at a distance and chew his ball, but in time, he began to seek out our affection too.

Ralph now has a number of people who can enjoy his company and is relaxing with a small but significant group of people. In fact on the last Linbee photo shoot session, he was one of the easiest to take some fabulous pics of!

Ralph the rescue dog looking particularly dapper
Ralph, Linbee's Sanctuary Boy, at his latest photo shoot!

As we have seen such an amazing change in his behaviour out of his kennel, things were also improving in his 'bedroom'. He stopped destroying his blankets, started to stay clean overnight and by tea time was a lot more settled on his bed. We made the most of the latter and began to spend an extra few mins with him at the end of the day. This has developed in to a real highlight for him and his fans and now he'll lie down, have belly rubs and give us a good 'wash' before we leave for the day!

The Linbee Team know that Ralph may never be re-homed, which is always the aim for our dogs, but Ralph is happy, settled and relaxing a little more all the time. So if Linbee are his furever family, he will be very loved and we will always continue to make each day the best it can be!"

- The Linbee Team

You can help out Linbee, and Ralph, by visiting their donation shop and purchasing the items they need this month. We know Ralph particularly enjoys a good throwable toy such as the Kiwi Frisbee.

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