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Patient backs charity appeal as she celebrates 10 years since cancer treatment

Updated: Mar 29

"Shannon Reeves-Jones, age 20, from Sheffield, is celebrating 10 years since she was treated for Leukaemia at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Back in January 2010, when Shannon was only 10 years old she was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlien Purpura (HSP) a condition which has similar symptoms to Leukaemia such as tiredness, bruising and aching limbs.

It wasn’t till Shannon was on a trip to the cinema with her family and friends in March when her nose began to bleed uncontrollably and wouldn’t stop.

Later that evening, ulcers began to show inside her mouth and as Shannon’s mum, Melissa got more worries she decided to ring Sheffield Children’s Hospital"

Full article here - https://www.tchc.org.uk/news/patient-backs-charity-appeal-as-she-celebrates-10-years-since-cancer-treatment.html

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