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May the donations keep coming!

Thanks to the kind purchased donations from you, the members of the public, May 2020 saw us sending donations to each one the cities we are in. That means that donations went to 17 charities across 8 regions in England. Wow! A grand total of 130 items were ordered and delivered straight to the charities that need them most. This month's star donation item was sanitary pads - 30 packs in total and therefore up to 30 homeless or vulnerable women helped out in May, making their monthly time a little easier and dignified.

What a month! None of us would have guessed that we would still be in lockdown back when all this started, but here we are. Let's keep everything crossed that we're at the tail end, and that we can all start beginning to find our new normal. Until then, keep staying safe!

May Highlights:

It's great to see The Hope Revolution spread and grow. This month, relying only on social media and word-of-mouth, we began to see item donations being purrchased for animal charities. A cosy cat igloo went off to Fur and Feathers in Birmingham, a pile of dreamies went off to Stopford Cats in Manchester. We must admit, we do enjoy seeing the happy little animal faces in the photos we receive from the charities.

This lovely cat at Stopford Cats couldn't wait to tuck in to their donation, and we had to do a double take! Looks like you may have stolen our office cat called Steve...

A picture of a cat next to a donation of dreamies, at Stopford Cats in Manchester. A thought bubble reads - It's lovely to receive a gift but WHEN exactly are you thinking of opening them??

If you would like to help out a charity in your local area, animal or otherwise, please visit our homepage at and pick your city and cause to view the online store. Browse and purchase a donation from the list of requested and much needed items and we'll get your item sent out from one of our trusted suppliers, direct to the charity and the patrons that need it most. We know that each of the organisations that receive your donations through Hope Revolution massively appreciate anything you can spare!

Our #TeaForThanks shop continued to run throughout May, enabling you to purchase boxes of tea bags for charity volunteers and workers, to say thank you for the hard work they have done to keep running throughout this pandemic. You have donated enough to enable us to send boxes of tea across England! The shop isn't going anywhere. You can purchase #TeaForThanks tea bags by bobbing over to the shop here.

Don't Miss:

One of our new partnered charities has been SIFA Fireside in Birmingham. They informed us that they needed a whole host of items, including disposable food containers, cutlery, tinned beans, razors and shaving foam, pairs of boxers and pairs of socks. These items are listed, available for purchase with direct delivery to the charity here:

The response from the people of Birmingham has been mind blowing! You are all truly amazing! At the date of publishing this post, 38 individual items have been delivered to SIFA Fireside, with more donations coming in on a regular basis. You're giving us all of the warm fuzzy feelings with your purchases. Keep them coming!

Keep an eye out for:

So what does June hold for The Hope Revolution? Further expansion across the UK we hope. We're already in discussions with charities in Wales, so watch this space. Maybe there will be a welsh surprise coming soon!

We've also launched a shop section with all of the PPE items a charity could need. Our UK based supplier, Stevenage Packaging Limited, have reduced the delivery costs for us and you. An item purchased today could literally be helping to re-open a charity tomorrow!

Check out the shop here.

Together we can make a difference during COVID-19

Thank you for being part of our Hope Revolution - Here's to helping even more charities across the country in June!

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