• John James

Making Sure No-One Goes Without

Updated: Mar 29

‘'We’re making sure that everyone gets fed; snackpots for lunch and then we’ll give a couple for each person to take home. We’ve been given sandwiches and cakes that we’re giving out; basically, filling carrier bags with food, hats, socks and underwear.

People are going hungry and don’t know where to turn. They understand why we’ve closed the lunchtime service, but some do ask when we’re going to open again and why we’re bothering. Most are very concerned and are wondering what’s going on and when it’s going to stop. They’re also saying that lots of support is shutting down across the city; people just can’t cope.''

Find the full article at - https://www.stgeorgescrypt.org.uk/blog/making-sure-no-one-goes-without

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