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5 Ways to Help Charities During COVID-19 Lockdown

You're sat at home wondering, when will I be able to get out and about again? The coat destined for a homeless shelter languishes in its black plastic bag by the door, the flour meant for the baking fundraiser gathers dust at the back of the cupboard (or has long since become your lockdown banana bread!). You want to help, but you're just not quite sure how.

Do not panic, we at The Hope Revolution are here to help!

Keep reading to find out the 5 ways that you can help charities, even during the COVID-19 lockdown. We've even included some up to date information on current "events" being run by our partnering charities.

1. Follow them on social media & share posts!

With the situation changing practically daily, the best place to get up to date information is social media. Most charities are active in posting about what they are up to and how you can help. Even if you cannot currently assist with money or items, simply interacting with posts through liking, commenting and sharing can make a big difference.

Did you know that the clever social media algorithms mean that a page's post will be shown to more of their followers if it has high levels of interaction?

Following a charitiable organisation on facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram etc. not only helps you keep up to date, but also helps them reach a wider audience. When you share a post to your friends and family, you help the charity reach a new audience, that maybe haven't heard about who they are or what they do. The power of social media is quite fantastic.

On that note, we'd be slacking if we didn't ask your to follow, like and connect with us through our social media platforms. Click on the links below to go through to the relevant platform.

Facebook - TheHopeRev

Twitter - @TheHopeRev

Linkedin - The Hope Revolution

We keep you updated on what items your local charities currently need, and provide you with a platform for purchasing them! Plus, keep an eye out and you might spot a picture of your donation arriving at its charity destination.

2. Take part in an online fundraising event

Typically charities will raise money through both their regular monthly donations, and in-person events and fundraisers. From bake sales to sponsored runs, everything that would involve gathering of people has had to unfortunately be cancelled. This is a massive financial blow, especially for smaller organisations, with the drop in incoming funds forcing many to work at a much reduced capacity.

The internet is a wonderful place, however! Charities across the country have put their heads together and come up with some fantastic events and campaigns that you can get involved in to spread the word and help raise vital funds for charities in need.

Below you will find a selection of such events that our partnered charities have been running, from camping in your living room to purchasing raffle tickets:

Shelter - #WorkForHome

While you're working from home, you may have noticed that your monthly commute expenditure has all but disappeared. Shelter ask you to consider donating the amount you would normally spend on your commute or morning coffee.


Barnabus - Donate your brunch

On a similar note, Barnabus Manchester are asking that you consider donating your brunch money, to help them to continue to provide free meals during lockdown for the vulnerable in Manchester.


SIFA fireside - #bigbrummiecampout

On the 8th May, SIFA fireside gathered online with their supporters, doing a lockdown style campout! Although the official event is now over, it's a fantastic, creative idea for raising funds. It's perfect for kids to get involved in too. Camping outside if you have a garden, or den building indoors!


Big Issue North - HARDSHIP Fund

Big Issue North Vendors work as self-employed individuals, selling the Big Issue North magazine to members of the public. With lockdown in place many of these vendors have had their main source of income removed, leaving them unable to afford to pay for rent and billes. Big Issue North ask that you donate to their hardship fund, to enable them to support their vendors and help them avoid destitution.


Freshfields - #NoAnimalLeftBehind

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Freshfields have lost over 50% of their income over the past few weeks. Although many charities have been able to access some government funding, similar funding is not available for animal rescues. Freshfields are asking you to tweet and share pictures of your beloved animals with the hashtag #NoAnimalLeftBehind, and donate if you can.


Stopford Cats - Photo Competition

We all love pictures of animals, and if you have pets, I'm sure that you have a photo reel full of their adorable faces! We look forward to seeing the winner of Stopford Cat's photo competition. They encouraged their supporters to send in pictures of their pets, making a small donation in contribution. Categories include the best and worse social cat distancing, and the longest whiskers. The winners will be announced on 24th May on their facebook page. Give them a like to have your facebook feed filled with purrfect pictures!


Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary - Online Raffle!

Fur and feathers have been running a weekly Sunday raffle. Tickets are just £1 and purchasable with a PayPal donation. Like them on facebook to join in the fun!


A special mention must also be made for Big Issue North's magazine. Normally, you would be able to buy magazines from one of their vendors. Of course, this is not currently possible. We encourage you instead to either donate to their hardship fund, as mentioned above, or buy a digital copy online here. It's worth keeping an eye out in your local McColl's or Sainsbury's as well, as select stores are stocking physical copies too!

If you're the hands on type, why not consider starting your own event or challenge?!

Fundraising organisations have all come together to create the 2.6 Challenge. Using their platform to raise funds, you are encouraged to incorporate the numbers 2 and 6 into a sponsered challenge – from running 2.6 miles, to painting 26 pictures. There are tonnes of ideas and further information on the official website:


Of course you can also set up your own fundraiser, with a donation platform for you to share with friends now possible through Facebook. Time to get creative!

3. Donate items through Hope Revolution!

With everyone across the country on lockdown, the way in which we donate items to charity has been forced to change. We here at The Hope Revolution have had a vision of online item donation for some time but with a great need currently we have had to roll out our shop nationwide at a much faster rate.

Just think, the animal shelters needing food and toys, the homeless shelters needing socks & sleeping bags. All these would typically come from people getting in their cars, purchasing the items or using old items they have around the house, driving them to a nearby charity and bobs your uncle. However in these Covid-19 times, this is no longer possible. The problem is that charities still need the donations!

That’s where we come in. We source the items needed and make it as easy as can be for you to purchase and have it sent to your local charity of choice, all from the comfort of your lockdown location. Navigate to our homepage here, pick your city and charitable cause to purchase items needed in your area!

Every item purchased goes directly to the charity to help those in need.

  • A sleeping bag purchased today can be with a homeless person by the end of the week.

  • Dreamies can be making rescue cats purr with happiness.

  • A jigsaw puzzle can be helping an older person in isolation stay entertained and active.

We were blown away with your generosity in April! Thank you to each and every person who donated. You can read a summary of all the donations in April in our blog post here. We want to make May even bigger and better, helping even more people and animals across the country. Get started with your donation journey here.

4. Monetary Donations

Even with all the creative and new ways to donate to charity, a monetary donation is still always appreciated by charities. Most will have a system whereby you can make a one of monetary donation, or set up a regular monthly contribution.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary - Bristol

They are currently asking for donations to help them pay off their vet bills - an unavoidable consequence of helping poorly strays! Visit their facebook page to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/HollyHedgeAnimalSanctuary/

Boaz Trust - Manchester

Boaz want to help end digital poverty and get #BoazOnline. What does that mean? Boaz provide emergency and longer term accommodation for destitute refused asylum seekers and refugees. The ability to communcate cheaply and frequently with friends and family can be a lifeline, especially during the current lockdown. Boaz Trust are therefore asking if you can donate towards the provision of internet for all their accommodation to enable their patrons to stay connected with their loved ones. Find out more, and contribute here: https://www.boaztrust.org.uk/

The last, and perhaps most important way that you can help your local charities is...

5. Stay safe, stay healthy!

This message doesn't need over complicating. The more of us that socially distance, the safer and healthier we can be as a community!

P.S. Keep an eye out for our upcoming campaign that will enable you to purchase much needed PPE for charities, helping them get back to full capacity with the wonderful work they do!

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