Are you a charity or good cause who would benefit from your own free donation shop? Get in contact today!


If you're still wondering how The Hope Revolution works...

How we're funded?

As a community interest company, we exist to support our community of charities and causes. We take no wages from the donations you purchase. We also don't charge our partnering non-profits  for their shops or listings.

That will never change.  

Corporate Sponsorship

We are fully funded by kind, local businesses.

If you're a company who is interested in helping us provide donations to your local charitable organisations, don't hesitate to get in touch.

They tell us what

Your local charities and non-profits tell us exactly which items they need this month. From the basics through to specific requests, we source a supplier for the needed items. 

We list them

We add the requested items onto our non-profit online store, ready to be purchased. We don't hold any stock and instead only order items as required, minimising cost to you. 

You purchase, we send

You browse the shop, purchasing item donations for either a specific organisation or allowing us to allocate where needed. The exact items you buy are the items we send!

Direct delivery

We send your purchased donation items directly to a local non-profit organisation in need. The items you purchase mean these organisations can help even more people or animals.


Bryony has been at The Hope Revolution CIC since its inception, although did not officially come on board until 2020. Bryony has been the backbone of the CIC and has helped to nurture ideas with a strong and recognisable brand while dealing with the day to day administrative tasks.

Company Secretary

Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Coffee Maker

John James

John James began developing the business in December 2018, launching The Hope Revolution in November 2019.


JJ’s endless determination and creativity, paired with his expertise in marketing, is the key driver behind the success of The Hope Revolution. He is responsible for expanding the community interest company, guiding the group forward and innovating how people charitably donate.

Company Director

Creative Ideas Man

The Dream Team

Mrs. Purdy & Steve French

A regular head fuss tax has had to be paid to both Purdy & Steve whenever we walk past their beds to go get coffee. After all, we have to in some way make up for the fact that noisy humans have taken over daytime naps for them.

All joking aside it is nice being able to work from home together with our fuzzy friends. Although they do offer very few constructive ideas.

Chief Purr Givers

Demanders of head fusses & cutest team members

Partnering with:

The Hope Revolution CIC is a non-profit social enterprise that provides charities across the UK with their own, free, item donation platform. Members of the public can purchase these items, knowing 100% of their money goes on providing those exact items to the charities! 

You can make a real difference with your money with just a few clicks!

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