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Housing & Homelessness

Changing Lives believe that a safe and stable home is the foundation for building a better life.

There are a range of circumstances which mean people find themselves homeless, including family breakdown, addictions, mental and physical ill health and leaving prison or hospital. Changing Lives work so that homelessness is a brief transitory period in someone’s life,  not a permanent label or a cycle from which people find it hard to escape. Their homelessness services provide a safe place to stay, help to sort out practical issues and strengths based support. The ultimate aim is for people to transition out of homelessness and tough times in their lives quickly and positively, with a whole new community based network of support built around them ready for the next bump in the road.

Drug & Alcohol Services

Dependence on drugs or alcohol is often a result of difficult life experiences. Across the North East and Yorkshire, Changing Lives are on hand to help people take their first steps towards abstinence and support their ongoing recovery. Their dedicated drug and alcohol services offer tailored support to help people challenge their dependency. Recovery from substance misuse is a journey that is possible with the right support.

Changing Lives currently offer:

  • An abstinence based structured day programme

  • Recovery centres for advice, peer support and community engagement

  • Clinical services

  • Harm minimisation services

  • Residential support for mothers in recovery

  • Specific services for young people

Women & Children's Services

Changing Lives support women and girls around experiences where gender, the very fact of being a woman, is significant. This includes those who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual exploitation or have contact with the criminal justice system. They understand that the experiences of women often differ to those of men, but some universal services may not be able to meet the distinct needs of women. Changing Lives provide specialist support in safe and trusted women-only environments. They recognise the amazing resilience in the people we support, whilst understanding that the impact of childhood trauma and abuse which too often continues into adulthood requires long term support. Underpinning all the services is an in-depth understanding of trauma and a focus on recovery, resilience and community integration.

Employment Services

Finding a job can help people to increase their confidence and self-worth, boost their income, and escape long-term poverty.

All things that people need to build a brighter future for themselves and their family. Changing Lives are committed to helping people who are unemployed to overcome the barriers they may face and find work. Their dedicated employment teams help people to identify their goals and work towards them at their own pace, empowering them to take control of their future.

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Changing Lives began as a small charity in the North East called Tyneside Cyrenians, and later The Cyrenians, helping people who were experiencing homelessness through our hostels and day centres. Since then, their services have expanded in both provision and geography. They now operate across the North East, Yorkshire, North West and the Midlands as a national organisation with over 500 members of staff and nearly 300 volunteers helping over 17,000 people each year to change their lives for the better.




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