We want to make donations as easy as possible, allowing everyone to help their local charity from the comfort of their own home.

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Allowing members of the public to take control of their donations to local charities, while streamlining the process of donation request and supply for charities.

What is bought is what we send!


We charge the same price as is listed by our 3rd party retailers. Standard processing fee of 50 pence per donation applies.



Increase item donations to your local charities by purchasing much needed items specifically requested by the charities themselves.



While we acknowledge giving money is great and very much needed, we aim to help charities who need specific items, whether that's a sleeping bag for the homeless or  diabetic socks for an elderly charity, you can now take control of how you help.



We will notify you by email where your item has been donated and you may just see your item pop up on Twitter or Facebook by the charity themselves so you can get all the warm fuzzy feelings that come with doing something amazing!



Company Director

Creative Ideas-Man

John James began developing the business in December 2018, launching The Hope Revolution in November 2019.


JJ’s endless determination and creativity, paired with his expertise in marketing, is the key driver behind the success of The Hope Revolution. He is responsible for expanding the community interest company, guiding the group forward and innovating how people charitably donate.


Non-executive Director

The Social One

Coming from a background in public services, Jamie has become an invaluable member of the team with a passion for social media, business-to-business relations, data collection and a genuine compassion for helping people. Simply put, we would not be where we are without Jamie.



Company Secretary

Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Coffee Maker

Bryony has been at The Hope Revolution CIC since its inception, although did not officially come on board until 2020. Bryony has been the backbone of the CIC and has helped to nurture ideas with a strong and recognisable brand while dealing with the day to day administrative tasks.


Chief Purr Givers

Demanders of head fusses & cutest team members


With self isolation in full effect due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, myself and Bryony have been working from our flat, which of course means...cats! A regular head fuss tax has had to be paid to both Purdy & Steve whenever we have walked past their beds to go get coffee. After all we have to in some way make up for the fact that noisy humans have taken over daytime naps for them.

All joking aside it has been nice being able to work from home together with our fuzzy friends. Although they do offer very few constructive ideas.


"It's John James here to tell you the story of how The Hope Revolution came to exist.

I come from a background in the nightlife industry, working for over ten years as a promoter for various nightclubs across Manchester through my marketing company, We Are Your Friends. This meant I spent a lot of time in the city centre during the early hours. Here I was exposed to the harsh reality of places such as Manchester and the ever growing crisis of homelessness.

Cut to December 2018 and I was working on a mobile application for a hotel in Manchester. The application was designed to include features such as mobile check in/out, parking advice and the ability to order room service through your phone. Items such as fresh towels, dressing gown, soaps...

Then it hit me. What if there was an app available where a charity could list the physical items they need and members of the public who want to donate could use the app, choose the items they want to buy and we would have them delivered to the local charity who needs them most?


And so began The Hope Revolution. Over the next year, I worked non-stop fine tuning the idea, researching, joining local homeless groups such as Manchester Homeless Partnership meetings and developing a mobile application. In November 2019, we officially started the non-profit Community Interest Company, possible thanks to a public crowdfunding campaign and personal investment.


When I first began developing this idea, I said to my partner that if we could get just one member of the public purchasing something to benefit a homeless person's life then I would feel it had all been worthwhile. Imagine my surprise when, in our first 2 months we had over 240 individual items donated through our mobile app, sending items to each one of of our 10 starting partnering homeless charities.


We are now in 2020 and currently on a countrywide lockdown. This has meant people wanting to donate physical items to any charity has become near impossible. So, we are opening up our brand to allow elderly charities, children's charities and animal charities to receive item donations.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website, and through this support our cause. I hope you enjoy  looking through the needed items in the shop here, and maybe even download the app. If you have any questions or comments, my mailbox is always open. You can message me through our "Contact Us" page.

Every donation and every message is greatly appreciated!"

John James

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